Mouvement Concrѐte

Sampling the Concrѐte Movement: Three-hour research and creative movement workshop with Ioanna Bili

Mouvement Concrѐte - a Unit Motives: GRM workshop

Creating and composing movement using the principles of Musique Concrѐte

What is the performative, aesthetic and semantic outcome of the passage from the Concrѐte to the abstract Movement? Do we depend on movement fragments that are considered as discreet yet complete movement objects?

“I have coined the term Musique Concrѐte for this commitment to compose with materials taken from given experimental sound in order to emphasize our dependence, no longer on preconceived sound abstractions, but on sound fragments that exist in reality and that are considered as discrete and complete sound objects, even if and above all when they do not fit in with the elementary definitions of music theory.”

Schaeffer, May 15th 1948

Starting from Schaeffer’s Musique Concrѐte, during this 3-hours research and creative workshop we will create the object of movement theme and we will build movementscapes through authentic movement and improvisation. By sampling the movement we will compose under the rules suggested by Musique Concrѐte. Mouvement Concrѐte - Sampling the Concrѐte Movement draws upon concentric circles: 1) theory and Musique Concrѐte principles, 2) creativity in practice and 3) casual presentation and feedback circle.

The workshop is designed for participants familiar with movement, improvisation and composition, ideally dance students and graduates and is open to every techinique. Fοr further details get in touch with the instructor.

Priority will be given to the earliest applications.

This workshop is part of the Unit Motives: GRM festival by Die Wolke art group.

Ioanna Bili is a Greek, London based choreographer, dance performance artist, researcher and pedagogue, who holds a degree in Dance and a degree in Informatics and Telecommunications. She has recently graduated with an MA in Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as a Luverhulme Arts Scholarships recipient. Ioanna teaches dance and delivers choreography workshops in the UK and Greece. Having present works in London and Thessaloniki, she deploys her own creative methods by choreographing and co-creating with artists from various disciplines, and she aims to the continuous exploration of contemporary dance, by maintaining a concern of how text, technology and general multimedia can support and give prominence to the artistic result.

Date: Saturday, March 30, 10:00
Duration: 3 hours (+ two 20min breaks, ending at 13:45)

Venue: UP - Ptolemaeon 29Α, 5th fl., right above Vitruvian Thing.

Registration Cost: €25
Drop-in: €30

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