by Die Wolke art group

24, 25 May, 8, 9 June 2019: Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki (info, tickets)
31 May 2019: Olvio theatre, Athens (tickets)
October 2020 (video) - ISO sessions: Dimitria festival - Thessaloniki(online)
October 2020 (video) - Open Nights festival - Larisa
29 August - 5 September 2021: Burning Man, USA.
TBA - InBetween festival, solo version: MOMus State Museum of Contemporary Art
8-10 Sept 2021: - 39th eCAADe Conference, paper by Ioanna Symeonidou. Best presentation award.
Trajectory of an Idea

Trajectory of an Idea is an interactive contemporary dance performance that uses motion tracking technology.

A metaphor likens the path, or trajectory, of an idea in time with the course of a human life: An idea is born, grows, matures, dies. It interacts with its surroundings. It plays. It gets trapped. It overcomes. The bodies on stage represent, or embody, ideas. They come into contact with each other, as well as their environment, which presents them with limits and conditions.

The choreography is structured on the dynamic relationships of the bodies with their environment: What does a limit on stage afford? What forces can be developed between ground and body? What possibilites does an idea present to another? And what does the end mean, for an idea, its realisation, or it being forgot? The visible technology on the dancers' bodies references a cyberpunk aesthetic, while the costumes will include 3D printed elements.

Motion and sound operate at an action/reaction, or cause and effect, level, creating the impression of interaction between the body and an imaginary, thus pliable, environment. In essence, sound works as a stage set, alive and mutable, using a surround 4.1 format.

Drosia Triantaki

Areti Michou, Marianna Leptokaropoulou

Music, Interactive systems:
Dani Joss

Aliki Iosafat

Giannis Perisoratis

Costumes/3D print design:
Ioanna Symeonidou

Maria Louvari

Additional sound design:
Paradigm Weave - Alfonso De Grandis

Recording musicians:
Lazaros Pliambas (percussion), Dimitris Dalezis (trumpet), Iraklis Iosifidis (double bass), Giannis Kyratsos (vocals), Michalis Karanikos (trombone)

3D scanning:
Digital Manufacturing and Materials Characterization Laboratory, International Hellenic University

Photos: Giorgos Alexakis

Duration: 60 minutes

Special thanks:
Giannis Kyratsos, Lazaros Pliambas, coho, Alfonso De Grandis, Dimitris Adam.
Ministry of Culture and Sports

The performance Trajectory of an Idea is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Coho International Hellenic University Kakiousis Striligas digital print

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