The tool of repetition in contemporary performance and spectatorship

Research workshop by Ioanna Billi (London)

Repetition in Performance workshop - Ioanna Billi, Vitruvian Thing

What kind of “pleasures” does repetition make possible?
Can performerly repetition “seduce” and “unsettle”?
Can it make any invisible forces visible?
Can repetition create a state of loss within which our linear understanding of time be challenged?
Can repetition ask the spectator to confront the space between realization and desire, self-knowledge and self-loss?

Certain types of performance that use repetition in movement, speech, or structure seem to invite us to go back to them in order to consider how repetition has changed over time, how we have changed over time, but also how we have changed in relation to repetition.

This 3-hour research workshop consists of 3 intersecting circles. During the first one, we will approach an understanding around the notion and structures of time, we will cogitate and discuss on extracts of the most important choreographic pieces, emphasizing amongst others three masterpieces that presented at late 70s and early 80s: Café Müller from Pina Bausch, Accumulation with Talking plus Watermotor from Trisha Brown and Rosas Danst Rosas from Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. These 3 pieces used the motif of serial repetition in a different way, and offered different allegorical, metaphorical and metonymic characteristics at the overall felt result at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Opening the second circle, the participants will be called to listen to their inner sense of repetition in the present time and space, they will fit it in spacetime structures and they will be called to express it in a safe yet prolific for creativity atmosphere, supportive for “risk” and “slippage”.

Third circle, includes the showing of our short pieces and through the time left for the end we will form a circle in the center of the stage to analyze our assignments and ideas about the notion of repetition and its structure just a bit before 2018, we will exchange our feedback and reflections aiming to the awareness and creative development of the creator, to our networking and to future artistic collaborations.

* The workshop draws upon the thesis elaboration of the lecturer, will be filmed and documented for further analysis.

Ioanna Billi is a Greek, London based choreographer, dance performing artist, researcher and pedagogue. She holds a degree in Dance and a BA in Informatics. She is currently undertaking her MA in Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as recipient of a Luverhulme Arts Scholarships.

Ioanna has presented work in London and Thessaloniki and her pieces have been characterized as minimal and “laconic”. She deploys her own creative methods by choreographing and co-creating with artists from various disciplines, and she aims to the continuous exploration of contemporary dance, by maintaining a concern of how text, light and general multimedia can support and give prominence to the artistic result.

The workshop is targeted at dance graduates and students, and to individuals that have substantial relevance with the art of dance and choreography.

Limited number of participants (by priority).

Date: Friday 8 December, 17:00 - 20:30

Duration: 3.5 hours (incl. two breaks)

Venue: Vitruvian Thing

Fees: €20

An advance of €10 is necessary to reserve a spot.

Earlybird registration: €15 until November 27 (advance payment, as above)