A festival for dance works on screen.

TCI #5: September 23-25, 2022, Vitruvian Thing.
TCI at Open Nights festival, Larisa: October 19, 2022. Details TBC
TCI #6 now open for submissions on FilmFreeway! Dates: 22-24 Sept 2023

TCI is an independent festival aiming to showcase contemporary dance on screen works from around the world.

As digital technology has made filmmaking means increasingly more accessible to independent producers, so has the genre of the dance film exploded in popularity and variety. New ways to capture, edit and process the movement of the body are being constantly developed in increasingly imaginative ways, through the collaboration not only of cinematographers, choreographers, and dancers, but also visual artists and animators, composers and writers. TCI aims to present novel approaches to how the ever-evolving cinematic medium can use dance, or, equivalently, how contemporary choreographers and performers can use image capture, to further the discourse of this artistic crossover.

Official Selection 2022

TCI Official Selection

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