Stream: synergy meeting vol.2

Open Call for solo musicians based in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state

Stream: synergy meeting vol. 2 by Die Wolke art group

Die Wolke art group invites musicians whose practice revolves around the experimental/electronic/electroacoustic idioms to apply to participate in its interactive improvisational performance project, Stream: synergy meeting vol. 2. The event is an initiative to explore the relationship of contemporary dance with modern media and technology, in particular through interaction facilitated by interfaces. The project is sponsored by the NRW Kultursekretariat as part of the Transfer International programme.

For Stream, dancers Drosia Triantaki and Enora Gemin will be improvising using wearable inertial sensor technology developed by the group. The realtime data will be made available to the musicians, raw or pre-processed, in OSC or MIDI form. The musicians will be performing an improvisation based on their own material, and need to utilise the data in realtime to affect the compositions, e.g. by modulating pre-recorded elements, processing live instruments, or as synthesis parameters.

There will be three individual performances, 10-15 minutes long, with each musician responsible for one. The musicians need to play an acoustic instrument, in addition to other gear (laptop, looping equipment, synths/effects, etc). The final result should illustrate the possibilities that emerge from the interactive setup, in particular where improvisation is concerned.

Overall, Stream aims to bring together forward-thinking artists from the fields of contemporary dance, music, and the performing arts in general. It encourages collaboration and experimentation, while it embraces and repurposes new technologies, both functionally and aesthetically.

Work schedule:
15 November: arrival
16 - 22 November: rehearsals
23 - 24 November: public performances

The performances will take place at Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Applicants must be residents of Germany’s NRW state.
Die Wolke can cover travel expenses up to €200 and accommodation in Thessaloniki (in shared apartment).
An audio sample, indicating the general musical direction of the proposed piece, is required.
A description of the idea for the musical piece is also necessary.
Previous experience in working with interactive media, dancers, and gestural or wearable interfacing is desirable, but not required.

Application deadline: Friday, September 20

To apply, please fill form below:

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