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by Die Wolke art group

10-12 March 2023: Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki (premiere) - TICKETS
18-19 March 2023: Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki (extension) - TICKETS
24-26 November 2023: Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki - TICKETS
2-3 December 2023: Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki - TICKETS
11-12 May 2024: Rabbithole, Athens - TICKETS

TICKETS RABBITHOLE - [Regular: 14€, Reduced: 10€, at the door: +3€]

“We are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of a poetry that was lost.”
Poetics of Space

Based on the like-titled 1958 seminal text by Gaston Bachelard, the performance revolves around the experience of intimate spaces. The house, shelters, nests, hiding places, and other spaces where we can withdraw into ourselves, evoke poetic images, immediate environmental perceptions that precede conscious thought, imbuing it with properties beyond function and form, and affording the observer a state of daydreaming. The dancetheatre piece by Die Wolke, creators of The Tempest, Δtopia, and Trajectory of an Idea, explores the concept of intimacy and its relation to the function of inhabiting, tracing it back to memories of our childhood home. Thus, it adapts one of the most important philosophical tendencies of the 20th century and a fundamental influence to contemporary architecture.

Die Wolke’s interpretation of the text presents a selection of images derived from the book. From the spiral forms that are traced back to the evolution of life, to the psychology of the attic and the cellar, choreographer Drosia Triantaki creates spaces of lived experience at different points in time: past, present, and future, bound together by the daydream. Abstracts from the book are heard during the performance, with Greek translations projected.

Elpida Ntinopoulou

“A house built by and for the body, taking form from the inside, like a shell.”

Drosia Triantaki

“The nest is a swelling fruit, pressing against its limits. From the depths of what daydreams do such images arise?”

Sofia Kalamaki

“the function of inhabit­ing is an imaginary response to the function of constructing”

Antigone Avdi

“The poetic image is a sudden salience on the surface of the psyche.”

Drosia Triantaki

Dani Joss, Dimitris Dalezis

Visuals, mapping:
Aliki Iosafat

Ilias Georgiadis

Ioannis Perisoratis

Duration: 60 minutes
Ministry of Culture and Sports

The performance ”Poetics of Space” is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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