Modified Dog live at Vitruvian Thing, 21 May 2016

Modified Dog live

at Vitruvian Thing

Ptolemaeon 29A, 54630, Thessaloniki, 4th floor

Modified Dog is an audiovisual music collective, which alters and transforms its formulation, depending on the needs of each live concert, performance/installation, and project. Their sound combines diverse elements: digital/electronic equipment (laptops, synthesizers, pedal effects), instruments (trumpet, percussion, vocals, drums, guitar, saxophone) and recording (sampling) from various audio sources (speech, city and environmental sounds, scapes). The compositions include forms and elements from minimalism, electronic music, jazz, experimental music and post rock.

At Vitruvian Thing, Modified Dog will perform 10 music compositions originally written for Caravan Project’s 10 video works.
2 shows at 20:00 and 22:00
Duration: 60 min.
Admittance by free contribution.

Chrysanthos Christodoulou (electronics, keyboards)
Dimitris Dalezis (trumpet, melodica, electronics, percussion)
Dimitris Tasoudis (drums)

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Cover photo by M. Louvari