Man-Machine Interfacing

Two-day creative workshop by Die Wolke and creativeCoding

NEW Dates: 22-23 June!

Man-Machine interfacing workshop

Wearables and interactive applications
Design, implementation, programming

Die Wolke art group and CreativeCoding, within the context of the Trajectory of an Idea performance, are happy to invite you to a two-day creative workshop on interactive technology, applied as a bridge between the human body and the digital world. The medium we will be focusing on is the inertial sensor, also known as an IMU, which is nowadays present on all mobile devices.

Through 8 hours in total, the participants will gain an understanding of the system, from the sensor and the Arduino platform to wireless RF communication, the Supercollider programming environment, and the Open Sound Control and MIDI protocols.

Limited number of participants.

Level: intermediate (no previous programming experience required)


The workshop is addressed to whomever wishes to introduce interactive elements to their artistic or technical practice, as well as people from the art world that would like an introduction to the possibilities that technology can bring to the performative vocabulary.

Day 1:

Assembly of a wireless inertial interface using the Arduino platform, wireless RF modems, and IMU sensors.

The particiants will split in groups and, step by step, they will create a simple inertial interface that transmits information like 3D acceleration, rotation, and orientation to a computer for further use.

Instruction: Giannis Perisoratis

  1. Introduction to the Arduino platform:
    • Programming: Variables, conditions, loops, fucntions
    • Electronics: Ιnput / Output, Analogue / Digital
  2. Sensors
    • 3-axis accelerometer: Connectivity, programming
    • Absolute orientation sensor: Connectivity, programming
  3. Wireless RF networks
    • NRF24L01 module: Connectivity, programming
    • Data transmission / reception
    • Network architecture

Day 2:

Processing, mapping, and routing of data for control of audiovisual applications.

The participants will work on the Supercollider programming environment, receiving sensor data from the interfaces constructed in day 1, processing them with filters, and exporting mapped instructions in the form of MIDI or OSC, in order to control software of their choice, such as Ableton Live, MainStage, Resolume, Reason, Processing.

Instruction: Dani Joss
Headphones necessary!

  1. Introduction to Supercollider:
    • Supercollider 101: language and interpreter, server, common design patterns.
    • Simple synthesizers
    • Routines and control Tasks
  2. ΕExternal data and processing
    • OSC Responders for sensor data input
    • Vector preprocessing and filters
    • Mapping and routing
  3. Playground
    • Conversion of data to MIDI
    • Routing and control of software of the participants' choice (e.g. Ableton Live, Logic, Resolume, Isadora, Processing, Reason, and more)
    • Routing and control of hardware synthesizers

After the workshop there will be a demonstration of the system developed for the performance Trajectory of an Idea.

Date: Saturday-Sunday, May 18-19, 15:00-19:00 (fully booked)
New Date: Saturday-Sunday, June 22-23, 15:00-19:00
Duration: 8 hours (4 per day)

Venue: Vitruvian Thing - Ptolemaeon 29Α, 4th fl.

Registration Cost: €80
Student/unemployed: €60
Advance (necessary for place reservation): €20

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