Live Coding with Sonic Pi

6-hour workshop by Die Wolke, with Nikos Tsavdaroglou

Live COding with Sonic Pi workshop

Die Wolke art group, within the context of its Stream: synergy meeting vol.2 event, is happy to invite you to a 6-hour creative workshop on the Sonic Pi programming environment.

Sonic Pi is an API (Application Programmer Interface) for music based on the Ruby programming language. One of its chief aims is facilitating teaching basic programming principles through music. With this software, users can be intrοduced to computer science, creating their own musical compositions in an original and accessible manner. Music technology and programming are being taught in parallel through examples that apply to both fields. Concepts such as rhythm, form, and sound synthesis are connected with computer science terms like variables, functions, loops, etc.

Sonic Pi also has the ability to create music in real time (live coding) and facilitate collaboration with other music performers. The seminar is based on a 6-hour plan that guides Sonic Pi users through the basics of musical programming.

The workshop is targeted at musicians, artists, music technlogy students, students of music schools, and, generally, to anyone interested in an introduction to another side of the relationship of music and technology.

Limited number of participants.


is a musician and programmer, holding a music composition and performance degree from Coventry University, diploma on classical and jazz double bass, has studied at Berklee School of Music, and is also a graduate of the Music Technology department of Neo Odeio in Thessaloniki. He has taught seminars on various subjects at Carithian Music Academy in Austria, while getting his degree in European Civilisation at the Hellenic Open University.
He has worked with a great variety of musical ensembles with various influences, and has composed music for dancetheatre and commercial media. In the last few years, he is researching algorithmic cmposition and live coding, seeking new means of musical expression.

Level: beginner (no previous programming experience required)
Date: Sunday, November 24, 11:00-17:00
Duration: 6 hours
Language: Greek

Venue: Vitruvian Thing - Ptolemaeon 29Α, 4th fl.

Registration Cost: €60
Student/unemployed: €45
Advance (necessary for place reservation): €20

Necessities: Laptop and headphones (install Sonic Pi here)

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