Is this not a representation of the momentum, the destructive force you so crave?


The continuation of the protagonist’s exploration of The Engineer's mysterious installation, as she further realises the rules of the world she’s in. Mind games, metaphors, and nested storylines inform a narrative unique to the cinedance genre, in effect using sci-fi thriller conventions to inform the essay on the clash of postmodernism and neoromanticism at its heart.

As semiotic references abound, the protagonist credited as “Interpretant )(.I” must figure out how to affect the outcome of other narrative constructs that are being brought to life in a setting where causality is merely a suggestion. Additionally, forces from that world will appear to her to help, obstruct, or simply indicate, as she attempts to understand the rules and symmetries of her predicament.

Imago Ep.II: Symmetry poster


Written and directed by Dani Joss

Drosia Triantaki
Constantinos Katsamakis
Nana Kouli

Luke Prodromou

Foteini Kontouli
Faedra Charalampidou
  • Choreography: Drosia Triantaki
  • Art direction, set design: Aliki Iosafat
  • Chief set builder: Tasos Triantakis
  • Makeup artist: Anta Nalbanti
  • Costumes: Meni Kourbeti, Drosia Triantaki
  • Photography, camera: Vaggelis Koumouris
  • Asst. director, 1st AC: Eleni Chrysomalli
  • Additional Photography: Eleni Choumou, Dani Joss
  • 2nd ACs, still photography: Giannis Dimaridis, Melina Lukanidou, Lydia Douka
  • Crew: Foteini Filoxenidou, Matina Sotiriou, Paul Avetisov, Elli Chatzicharalabous
  • Exteriors lighting: Eleni Choumou
  • Editing, Colour grading, VFX, Compositing: Dani Joss
  • Animation, 3D design, VFX, Compositing: Aliki Iosafat
  • Additional still image processing: Isaia Savvidou
  • Sound design: Alfonso De Grandis, Dani Joss
  • Audio mastering: Apostolos Siopis
  • Production sound, mixing: Dani Joss
  • Post production direction: Occam’s Sharpener Media
  • Also featuring: Foteini Filoxenidou, Elias Matalon, Lazaros Pliambas, Paul Avetisov, Stavros Economides
  • Utterance dubbing: Matina Sotiriou
  • Foley recording: Vitruvian Thing
  • Stunt driver: Chris Captain
  • Music composed, recorded, and mixed by Dani Joss
    • "Control"
    • "Disembodied"
    • "The Box"
    • "Looking Glass"
    • "Inertia"
    • "Winding"
    • "The Machine"
    • "Design"
    • "End Credits"
    • Musicians
      Lazaros Pliambas
      Traianos Papadopoulos
      Christos Grimpas
      Thanos Sideris
  • Additional music: “Monuments” by No Brain Cell, composed and arranged by Thomas Petrou.
    ℗ 2014 Melissa Music. Used by permission.
  • Location Sponsors:
    • ALI Thessaloniki Microbrewery
    • SKNIPA Model Microbrewery of Thessaloniki
    • SOFIA STRAVELA / NANA KOULI Architectural Studio
  • Produced by Die Wolke Art Group / Vitruvian Thing

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Awards and Nominations

Best experimental: TMFF 2016, Glasgow.
Official Selection: Athens International Digital Film Festival 2017.
Winner - Best Experimental: Martinique International Film Festival
Winner - Martinique Snake Award (Best of the Fest): Martinique International Film Festival
Official Selection: Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival
Winner-best narrative: Indiana Comic Con Film Festival 2017
Official Selection: Veladas De Cine Y Danza. Espacio Revuelo, Chile.
Official Selection: San Fransisco Comic Con Film Festival 2017
Official Selection: Tampa Bay Comic Con Film Festival 2017
Official Selection: Imaginarium 2017.
Official Selection: Miami Epic Festival 2017.
Official Selection: Los Angeles CineFest.
Official Selection: Delete TV.
Official Selection: Prokuplje Film Festival
Official Selection: Rollout Dance FIlm Fest.
Official Selection: Tanzhafen Festival 2017, Linz, Austria
Official Selection: C-Screen Festival 2017. Cerdanyola, Barcelona.
Official Selection: Dança Em Foco 2017, Brazil
Official Selection: Ouarzazate International Film Festival 2017, Morocco
Official Selection: Cuerpo Digital 2017, Bolivia

“With the “Imago” series of short films, we attempted to infuse a narrative element to the video-dance genre and, in doing so, steer it towards a cinematic feel. Essentially an experimental film, we attempted to create an ambivalent state regarding the interpretation of body motion: it oscillates between the abstract nature of contemporary dance and the in situ action of the character. To achieve this, we created a protagonist that embodies an aspect of artistry, and set up a world to be explored that she can react to, utilising non-inconsequential narrative structures and semiosis.”