Is the sound of the hammer hitting the anvil a natural conclusion, or a teller’s choice?


Imago is meant to be a multi-part hybrid of video dance and short film. This first part is titled Orientation, and is the introduction to the nameless character’s abduction, who finds herself literally inside a story constructed by the main unseen antagonist, The Engineer.

The story must be completed, and to accomplish that she has to interact with a room where semiosis and metaphor come to life. The themes of transformation, self-image, and imagination are articulated through action, motion and its interpretation, original music, and The Engineer’s haunting voice.

Imago Ep.II: Symmetry poster


Written and directed by Dani Joss

Drosia Triantaki
Luke Prodromou as The Engineer
  • Choreography: Drosia Triantaki
  • Cinematography, editing, compositing, VFX, colour: Dani Joss
  • Set design, 1st AC, VFX, compositing, animation: Aliki Iosafat
  • Costumes/Makeup: Meni Kourbeti
  • Sound design: Alfonso De Grandis
  • Audio mastering: Apostolos Siopis
  • Production sound, mixing: Dani Joss
  • Prop artist: Rinette Iosafat
  • Post production direction: Occam‘s Sharpener Media
  • Computer Voiceover: Rhiannon Morgan
  • Music composed, recorded, and mixed by Dani Joss
    • "Pre-echo"
    • "Looking Glass"
    • "Orientation"
    • "Turbulence" parts I & II
    • "Spiroid"
    • "Post-echo"
    • Musicians
      Elektra Miliadou
      Nana Kouli
  • Produced by Die Wolke Art Group / Vitruvian Thing

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Awards and Nominations

Official Selection: Athens International Digital Film Festival 2015. Athens, Greece.
Official Selection: Delete TV 2016. London, UK
Official Selection: Golden Sun Festival 2015. Malta
Nomination for Best Experimental Film: The Monthly Film Festival 2015. Glasgow, UK
Official Selection: Short Waves festival. Poznan, Poland
Nomination for Best Trailer: The Monthly Film Festival 2015. Glasgow, UK
Official Selection: Dança em Foco 2016. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Official Selection: C-Screen Festival. Cerdanyola-Barcelona, Spain
Official Selection: European Film Festival, Moscow
Official Selection: Toronto Arthouse Film Festival. Toronto, Canada.

“With the “Imago” series of short films, we attempted to infuse a narrative element to the video-dance genre and, in doing so, steer it towards a cinematic feel. Essentially an experimental film, we attempted to create an ambivalent state regarding the interpretation of body motion: it oscillates between the abstract nature of contemporary dance and the in situ action of the character. To achieve this, we created a protagonist that embodies an aspect of artistry, and set up a world to be explored that she can react to, utilising non-inconsequential narrative structures and semiosis.”