by Die Wolke art group

15-16 July 2022: Tsiatsiapa Mansion, Kastoria, Greece
A search for the paths of events, images, and ideas through time.

Die Wolke art group presents “Ichne” (“traces”), a contemporary dance performance that sources its materials from interviews, focusing on the workings of memory and oral communication towards the development of imagery originating from the Asia Minor cultural identity. Movement, along with musical and sonic compositions, approaches the inherent subjectivity of descriptions, low fidelity, gaps, and negative space that reveals the dimension of time in poetic imagery, thus focusing on the intersubjectivity of narrative refractions.

The first part of the performance is on installation form: using the entire mansion, the individual thematic chapters are developed in rooms with periodic content, with movement, sound, and light as the raw material. They are accompanied by purely sonic installations, tracing paths across the four building floors and creating the conditions for exploration and discovery for the audience. After sunset, the performers are gathered in the building’s main hall for the second part, a kinetic interpretation of the individual elements accompanied by original music compositions in surround sound.

In this manner, the group treats and processes information, as it was gathered by the research process, towards the creation of imagery, spaces, connotations, and moods, casting the viewer in the role of a navigator of his/her own experience. In this way, the piece invites the audience to follow the traces - “ichne” in Greek - as they indicate the path of the performative materials towards their incorporation into the present time, emphasising neither origin nor destination, but the journey itself.

Drosia Triantaki

Dimitris Dalezis, Dani Joss

Savvina Romanou-Pylli, Olina Oikonomidou, Foteini Kontouli, Drosia Triantaki

Interview voices:
Christos Pappas, Evi Tzortzi, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Aliki Dourmazer, Giannis Kyratsos, Efi Ratsou

Eleni Chasioti, Drosia Triantaki

Duration: 90 minutes (45'+45')

Oli i Ellada Enas Politismos

The performance is part of the “All of Greece One Culture” 2022 programme by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
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