Contemporary dance workshop by Dana Raz (ISR)

A creative workshop with the Israeli dancer and choreographer.

Dana Raz contemporary dance workshop

Dana Raz offers to her students a personal formation, supported by her own proper language, a result of her years of academic experience , her conditions as a professional dancer (under renowned choreographers) and her teaching profile.

The Israeli choreographer follows a pattern of work that has been molded together with her background as a teacher in the international program “Masa” (KCDC), where she taught during five years ( while still active as a dancer in the company) and with whom she continues collaborate for the import of workshops.

Her activity as a contemporary teacher is distributed among contemporary dance schools in Israel, Usa, Russia, Malta, Spain and others.

“My classes are built on warm up of floor work and technique, based on Ballet but work on a different balance and center of the body. I think, though my classes are extremely demanding, I find them attractive, because they include small dance combinations which involve technique and improvisation. Moreover, during the class, I combine work in different levels of physical dynamics, work on different muscles and training the student to bring his body to its limits and more, with having the control and awareness off it. I encourage the students to be creative and develop their own character and way of understanding the movement”.


Raz is an Israeli dancer and choreographer. She started dancing at the age of three, beginning an uninterrupted development which continues to this day. From an early age, Dana opted for the contemporary discipline and in 2004 she graduated the Aharon Katzir High School as a dance major. In 2006 she joined the International Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, where she developed for much of her professional career. KCDC is one of the most well-known and prestigious contemporary dance companies in the world, and in 2007, soon after Rami Be’er, the choreographer and artistic director of KCDC, took Dana to the company, she became one of his principal dancers. During her time in the company, she participated in the creation processes of 7 new pieces and performed in more than 20 countries, theatres, and prestigious international dance festivals. In 2012 she won the “Yair Shapira” prize for her contribution to dance in Israel.

After seven years as a dancer at KCDC and as a teacher/choreographer in the “Dance Village” of Kibbutz Ga’aton, she decided to leave the company in 2013 in order to continue developing her own independent projects. She moved to Spain and founded her company “Dana Raz Dance Projects” in Oviedo, where she is creating, teaching and artistically active nowadays. On November 2016 she received the award “Serondaya De Las Artes” for her innovation in culture.

Duration: 3 hours
Date: Sunday, March 25, 12:00 - 15:00.
Venue: UP - Ptolemaeon 29Α, 5th fl., right above Vitruvian Thing.

Drop in: €40