Contemporary dance class

by Drosia Triantaki

Contemporary dance is based on the organisation of the body towards expressive movement and the development of its relation to rhythm and space.

The classes are based on the technique and methodologies established at Folkwang Universität der Kunst Pina Bausch, in Essen, Germany. They are focused on the quality of movement and bodily rhythm as it relates to music, spirals, breathing, relation to the ground plane, and continuity of motion.

The classes are integrated in Die Wolke’s framework, which also includes events, productions, and collaborations. They aim at a balance between a structured programme and a space for personal expression, aimed at dancers, movers, performers of various disciplines, or even simply those who are curious and eager to explore their bodies. The classes have not just different skill levels, but also directions. What they all have in common is an affinity to Die Wolke’s creative methodology and disposition. Some classes also include an end-of-year presentation, during which the participants will also gain insight and experience into performance staging, lighting, and workflow.

Contemporary dance class

Summer contemporary

intermediate level

Εvery Tuesday
Start time: 19:30
Duration: 2 hours

For dancers and performers of all levels.

Contemporary dance class

Summer Ballet

for contemporary dancers

Εvery Thursday
Start time: 19:30
Duration: 2 hours

For dancers who wish to explore ballet within a contemporary context.

Periods - Cost

Ballet CD

Drop-in: 12€ / class

The period cost is calculated based on the actual number of classes, also taking into account public holidays.


To register, contact us here, with your name, a few words about yourself, and any questions.
Priority will be given to the earliest applications.

Drosia Triantaki is a founding member of Die Wolke art group. She is a graduate of Folkwang Universität der Kunst Pina Bausch and State School of Dance in Athens, and a teacher at local dance schools and theatre workshops. She has choreographed performances such as Poetics of Space, The Tempest, Ichne, Δtopia, Trajectory of an Idea, Cascade, Discrete Works 1-4, 4 Stories, Drops, Aefnis, and more, and has received funding by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the North Rhine-Westphalia Kultursekretariat, among others. Besides her work with Die Wolke, she has collaborated with the National Theatre of Northern Greece, dance company Sinequanon, the Thessaloniki Music Hall, M. Siezckarek, B. J. Riepe, Chikako Kaido, R. Leoni, S. Brinkman, and many more.

Venue: UP - Ptolemaeon 29Α, 5th fl., right above Vitruvian Thing.