Choreography workshops

by Drosia Triantaki

How do we conceive and approach choreography as viewers, dancers, as autonomous bodies, or as interpreters?

The workshop operates with two classes: Introduction to Choreography explores the basic choreographic principles and methods, while Choreography 2 builds on them and focuses on duet work.

COVID-19 update: Due to regional lockdown, workshops between November 3 and 17 are cancelled.

Introduction to choreography workshop

Intro to choreography

… for those interested in choreographic creativity as observers, but also as creators. It is a series of self-contained workshops, each with specific thematic content, that can be attended individually, or as a cycle.

The workshop is targeted at dancers, actors, architects, performers, artists, and anyone interested in engaging with the structure of human motion in space.

date  subject
04/10Words and phrases as a subject in choreography
18/10Movement and Improvisation
06/12Movement and qualities
13/12Movement and direction in stage space

Choreography 2

The main subject of the workshop is the study and eventual creation of a duet. Emphasis will be given to compositional structures and the organisation of materials around the kinetic possibilities, as well as restrictions, that arise from the use of two bodies.

The workshop is targeted at artists with prior experience in choreography and improvisation, including workshops like Introduction to Choreography.

date  subject
11/10Movement as a creative process
25/10From solo to duet

Drosia Triantaki is a founding member of Die Wolke art group. She is a graduate of Folkwang Universität der Kunst Pina Bausch and State School od Dance in Athens, and a teacher at local dance schools and theatre workshops. She has choreographed performances such as Trajectory of an Idea, CASCADE: Point of No Return, Discrete Works I-III, 4 Stories, Drops, Aefnis, and more, and has received funding by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the North Rhine-Westphalia Kultursekretariat, among others. Besides her work with Die Wolke, she has collaborated with the National Theatre of Northern Greece, dance company Sinequanon, the Thessaloniki Music Hall, M. Siezckarek, B. J. Riepe, Chikako Kaido, R. Leoni, S. Brinkman, and many more.

Priority will be given to the earliest applications.

Start time: 12:00
Duration: 4 hours

Venue: UP - Ptolemaeon 29Α, 5th fl., right above Vitruvian Thing.

Normal cost: €25
Earlybird: €20 (20% discount - payment until 6 days before each workshop)
4 workshop cycle: €70 (30% discount - €40 advance payment, €10 each workshop, last session free!)

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