Collective Body

Movement research workshop by Stefaniya Georgieva (Sofia, BG)

Collective Body workshop

Disconnection, separation, division, detachment, dissociation - these are all words that describe the way we view our world and ourselves nowadays. We are disconnected from the Earth itself, divided from each other, detached from the very meaning of our existence, and dissociated from the mystery of the universe. We pass through hundreds of people every day and in the end we didn’t even touch anyone, nor were we touched ourselves. Why do we need to create and sustain relationships but at the same time we stay on our own and lead ourselves to a sense of isolation?

This workshop will be led by Stefaniya Georgieva, a choreographer in ATOM theatre company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She will explore different patterns and dynamics of the Collective Body, its architecture and design. The concept of the workshop is based on her approach working with dancers. Together with the group she will rediscover the motion of people connected to each other in many different ways, the electricity that runs through the bodies, free to feel, to flow, to explore, but also of the way that creates relationships, communication, and support. She will engage in a process of exploration which will represent the power of collective intelligence, the pleasure of touching, caring for each other, moving together, connecting. She is going to explore the possibilities of the collective body, researching a variety of social behaviour models (games, social environment, nature, the biological world). The workshop will be focused on working with partner trust and will include choreography pieces from the show Impossibility in its Purest Form. Collective Body will be held within three hours of intensive work.

Stefaniya Georgieva – Bulgarian choreographer and performer; a co-founder of ATOM theatre company and HOUSE Creative Hub – co-working space for artists in Sofia. Stefaniya graduated with a BA in Puppetry at National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia (Bulgaria). During her education she was inspired of the base concept of the puppetry – many people who breath as one, move as one, think as one and see through the eyes of a lifeless object (puppet) with desire to bring it to life. That concept of the collective body, motion and mind, is the base of her explorations. Stefaniya’s professional choreographic debut was in 2013. Since then, she has created 5 works which were presented in Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Montenegro, Turkey and F.Y.R.O.M.

The workshop is targeted at dancers of intermediate and advanced level.

Limited number of participants (by priority).

Date: Saturday, December 16, 12:00 - 15:00.

Cost: €20

An advance of €10 is necessary to reserve a spot.