FALL 2020

Choreography workshops

Choreography workshops

by Drosia Triantaki. How do we conceive and approach choreography as viewers, dancers, as autonomous bodies, or as interpreters?

The workshop operates with two classes: Introduction to Choreography explores the basic choreographic principles and methods, while Choreography 2 builds on them and focuses on duet work.




Die Wolke Art Group is a non-profit research and development organisation dedicated to the performing arts, contemporary dance, video art, mixed media and associated technologies. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, it is comprised by a rotating and ever-expanding cast of individual artists and technicians. Its chief aim is the research and production of outside-the-box multidisciplinary art, as well as the support of local artistic activity, through promotional events and collaborations. “Die Wolke” means “the cloud” in German.


Vitruvian Thing interior

Art space, contemporary dance stage, live music venue, audiovisual studio. Home of the fuzzy mind and the experimentally inclined psyche. And Die Wolke Art Group’s headquarters.

Inside the 130 sq.m. space one finds a theatrical stage with an arsenal of audiovisual technology supporting it, an electronics lab, an editing/color grading/VFX workstation, sound and lights, a 5m projection screen, cameras, and a host of sensor and controller apparatus. Also a small number of people that are adept at utilising the aforementioned implements to creative effect. Vitruvian Thing is intended to host all kinds of experimental activities, collaborations, and educational events: dancetheatre performances, live music, film projections, installations, theatre, talks, exhibitions.

Events at Vitruvian Thing are invariably underscored by our philosophy of quality and respect towards audience and artists. The venue, as well as its managing group Die Wolke, is a non-profit endeavour (Die Wolke is a registered non-profit company).

Occam‘s Sharpener is Die Wolke‘s media branch. Its projects range from the multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed Imago experimental dance film series to projection mapping installations and special effects for the Odyssey theme park at the Noesis Museum of Science and Technology, Thessaloniki, the Chocolate Park in Nicosia, and many more.

Occam also do post-production for video (editing, VFX, colour, etc), programming for the web, multimedia, and integrated platforms, sound design through its international partnership with sound art label Paradigm Weave, and specialise in complex, multifaceted, interactive projects with an artistic angle and technological edge.


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  1. ISO sessions

    ISO sessions - 2020

    Dimitria 2020

  2. Thessaloniki Cinedance International #3

    Thessaloniki Cinedance International #3 - 2020

    International dance film festival

  3. Stream: synergy meeting vol.2

    Stream: synergy meeting vol.2 - 2019

    Interactive dance & live music improvisation

  4. Trajectory of an Idea

    Trajectory of an Idea - 2019

    Interactive dancetheatre performance

  5. Unit Motives: GRM

    Unit Motives: GRM - 2019

    Solo choreography festival

  6. Sieve

    Sieve - 2018

    Choreography at Atom Choreographic Series

  7. Cascade: Equilibria

    Cascade: Equilibria - 2018

    Short dancetheatre solo

  8. Imago Ep.II: Symmetry

    Imago Ep.II: Symmetry - 2016

    Short dance/experimental film

  9. more projects

    (click for complete catalogue)